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Gifting is a conscious effort made by a person with the intention to appreciate their beloved on a significant day and to make them feel special. Such a deed sometimes requires time and considerable effort.

Now one need not worry, since Humanitive offers you an online platform that has made the gifting process quite effortless and easy. An online store that provides you with an extensive range of premium products, discretely hand-picked to deliver the most luxurious experience while assembling a luxurious gift box. It also allows the person to either design his/her own gift box or trust us to create it, as we have a range of pre-curated ready-to-ship gift boxes for all occasions.

We at Humanitive believe in utmost Transparency, Impact, and Quality.

The exquisite products you see on our website is exactly what you receive. We don’t compromise with the quality of a single product.

Along with all the goodies, the gift box also includes a donation on behalf of the receiver. There are an ample number of donations on the website that one can contribute to depending on what resonates with them the most.

The donation process is as transparent as possible. The moment the donation is received by Humanitive, it is transferred to the concerned NGO. Henceforth, the NGO sends a ‘Thank You” video appreciating the efforts of the donor, as well as a letter of acknowledgement, and a certificate of appreciation which is beautifully placed in our box.

Humanitive is the only platform that charges ZERO commission from either involved party.

Hence, one can believe us when we say that your money and thoughts have definitely been put to good use and will have made a positive impact on someone’s life.

A person is only 3 steps away from believing us even more.
Step 1: Select your gift box as per the occasion
Step 2: Fill it with all the beautiful goodies from our gift shop
Step 3: Contribute to a cause that truly resonates with you

On that account, Humanitive is a believable platform that is always there for all your gifting needs.

You buy what you believe in.


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