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Sponsor Medicated Baths for 5 Dogs In Need

Most of the rescue dogs come to Red Paws Rescue with a bunch skin issues which require medicated baths. Donate medical baths to help 5 such dogs in need!

Sponsor a Life Saving Surgery for a Dog

This donation will help with dogs that require constructive surgery after major accidents such as broken legs, hips and spinal issues. 

Sponsor Sterilization and Post OP Care for a Dog

Red Paw Rescue’s main aim remains to sterilise dogs to help them live healthy lives on the streets and also to help curb the overpopulation of desi dogs.

Sponsor a Rabies Vaccination for a dog

Vaccinate a dog against rabies and join the fight to keep rabies infection away.

Sponsor Basic Medicines for Shelter Dogs

Sponsor basic medicines for the shelter and help keep the dogs happy and healthy.

Sponsor a Reflective Collar for a dog

Reflective collar on dogs help keep them safe on the roads. The collars help vehicle drivers spot the dogs on the road and help avoid accidents.

Sponsor a Dog for 1 Month

Sponsor a dog and make his life whole by pampering them with some love, food, medical aid, warm baths, toys and treats!

Sponsor Treats and Toys for Shelter Puppies

At any given point, Red Paws Rescue has puppies in our foster care that are looking for homes. Donate some toys and treats to keep these cute puppies entertained and to help them stay active.

Sponsor the Full Round of Vaccinations for a Puppy

Puppies need their full rounds of vaccinations. These important vaccinations are life-saving and help the puppies grow into healthy dogs!

Sponsor Treats for 20 Dogs for 1 Month

Pamper the pooches with some special treats for a month.