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Sponsor a cow’s nutritional cost for a month

Provide nutritional support for a cow for an entire month, including fodder, hay, chickpeas, jaggery, and chappatis.

Sponsor cat toys for the cattery

Sponsor cat toys for a cattery of 250+ cats. Cat toys keep the cats fulfilled, happy, and healthy.

Adopt an Emu for a month

Provide organic greens and as well as routine check-ups for a rescued Emu for a month.

Feed 30 cows for a day

For a full day, sponsor food such as fodder, hay, chickpeas, jaggery, khalli, vegetables, millets, and fruits for 30 rescued cows living at the sanctuary.

Sponsor a Dog Bath

Sponsor a dog bath in this summer heat where the furries are struggling to keep the tick and fleas off them. This season leaves dogs vulnerable to tick fever, so to combat this, we are urging you to help us raise funds for procuring enough anti tick shampoos and sprays to protect the dogs from more

Adopt a monkey for a week

For one week, provide for all meals, including nuts, fruits, seeds, as well as routine checkups and surgery for a rescued monkey residing at the sanctuary.

Adopt a Horse for a week

For a week, provide for all meals, as well as routine checkups, antibiotics, and grooming requirements for a rescued horse residing at the sanctuary.