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Sponsor a Summer Essential Kit for 5 Destitute Elderly

An Essential Kit containing Talcum Powder, Soap Bar, Khus Khus/ORS will be provided to 5 Destitute Elderly residing at SHEWS Old Age Home.

Sponsor Mother Dairy Chaach for 20 Kids

A pack of Mother Dairy Chaach will be provided to 20 children of Parkshala. Chaach will keep the students refreshed and hydrated during Summers.

Sponsor Drinking Water for 150 kids (20 L per day) for a month

Clean drinking water will be provided to kids studying in Parkshala. A total of 150 kids will have access to clean water for a month.

Sponsor a Dog Bath

Sponsor a dog bath in this summer heat where the furries are struggling to keep the tick and fleas off them. This season leaves dogs vulnerable to tick fever, so to combat this, we are urging you to help us raise funds for procuring enough anti tick shampoos and sprays to protect the dogs from more

Sponsor a 20 Litre Earthen Pot for the Homeless Shelter

An Earthern Pot of 20 liters will be placed in a homeless shelter. Using the earthen pots, the homeless can have access to cold water to beat the heat.

Sponsor a Fruit Juice for 25 students

We will provide 25 children between the ages of 5 and 20 with fresh fruit juice. The juice will keep them hydrated during the hot summer months.

Sponsor Coconut Water to 25 Students

Fresh Coconut water will be provided to 25 students of Ek Koshish Special School. Coconut water helps in keeping the children fresh and hydrated during summers.

Sponsor a pair of Flip Flops for an Underprivileged Transgender

A pair of flip flops will be sponsored for a transgender living at the Mitr Trust shelter.

Sponsor a Wall Fan for a classroom

There will be one wall fan provided to the Harmony House for the classroom. The fan will keep the children cool during the summer.

Sponsor 1Kg Tang for Destitute Elderly

A pack of 1kg tang will be provided to the destitute elderly living at SHEOWS. This drink will keep them hydrated and fresh during the summer months.