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Sponsor a cake cutting ceremony with 30 underprivileged children

A cake will be cut with the children at Parkshala, with approximately 20-30 children in attendance. The cake will be sourced from Bikanervala/Haldiram’s.

Provide Health Kits to 15 underprivileged children

The health kits include all necessary medical and sanitary requirements, such as Dettol, bandage, paracetamol tablets, betadine, soap. Each kit costs Rs. 200

Sponsor an underprivileged child for a quarter

The sponsorship amount covers the child’s food expenses (morning snack, lunch, and evening snack), education (including books and stationery), hygiene upkeep (for example dental hygiene, sanitary needs, etc.), medical expenses like deworming and basic medicines, vocational expenses (raw material for them to practice with and so on).

Provide Notebooks to 100 underprivileged children

Notebooks will be distributed to children based on need. Parkshala has children ranging from 5 to 20 years of age. The cost per notebook is Rs. 25