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Sponsor 1 Shawl

A warm woolen shawl will be donated to an underprivileged woman to keep her warm this winter season.

Sponsor Blanket to 1 Rescue Dog

To combat winter’s chill, 1 warm blanket will be provided to a rescue dog at ACGS shelter.

Sponsor Blankets for 5 Rescue Dogs

To combat winter’s chill, 5 warm blankets will be provided to the rescue dogs at ACGS shelter.

Provide a pair of Woolen Socks and Shoes for a child with special needs

To fight the winter chills, a child with special needs will be provided with school shoes and woolen socks to keep their feet warm.

Sponsor Thermal Set for an elderly

Provide Thermal set for one elderly at SHEOWS Old Age Home. The set includes one sweater and woolen pants. This will help keeping them warm this winter.

Sponsor 2 pair socks to 40 underprivileged children

Many children at Harmony House lack access to clean socks. This donation will provide two pairs of new socks to 40 underprivileged kids.

Sponsor 1 pair of socks to 15 underprivileged kids

Many children at Harmony House lack access to clean socks. This donation will provide one pair of new socks to 15 underprivileged kids.

Sponsor homeless rescue program for 1 week

SPYM conducts rescue operations throughout the year. The rescue team undertakes daily visits in target districts of Delhi to identify people living without shelter or need urgent care and protection. Such people are motivated to shift to nearby shelter homes and those unwilling are provided immediate relief. First aid and due medical attention is given more

Sponsor winterwear to 5 Homeless people

Provide sweaters/shawls for 5 homeless people living at the SPYM homeless shelters.

Sponsor 2 Single Blankets for the underprivileged

Two single blankets worth Rs. 200 each will be distributed to an underprivileged family living in the slums.