Customised Gifts for Birthday

Your loved ones birthday is an important occasion that needs to be celebrated most lavishly. Birthdays are a milestone in an individual’s life that need to be marked with a lavish celebration. The celebration is incomplete without the most meaningful yet customised gift for your loved one. 

Humaitive makes sure that you get to gift your loved one a gift that he/she will remember throughout. It is a platform that lets you curate the most meaningful yet customised gifts for birthday. Not only do we have gifts for major occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc., we also have a range of unique gifts for when you have to say ‘Thank You’ or ‘Congratulate’ someone. It is a platform that offers you gifts for individuals with specific personalities. You can now gift your feminist girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, or just your friend our exclusive Feminist box. For someone who is an environmentalist, we have a pre-curated ready-to-ship Environmentalist Gift Box for your loved one. 

Along with premium goodies from the gift shop, these boxes also include a donation kit. For any donation you make, we add a donation kit to the gift box. The donation kit holds the information regarding the donation that you make on behalf of your loved one. It consists of an acknowledgment from the Non-Profit, Certificate of Appreciation, Personalised Thank You Video, Brochure from the concerned NGO. These donation kits are our way of ensuring 100% transparency.

What is the most exciting part is the Thank You video that comes inside each gift box. The Thank You video is proof that the donation has reached the concerning cause. It is created and sent by the NGO thanking the efforts of the donors.

For when it is your loved one’s birthday, it is essential to gift them something that they can cherish forever. So along with the donation that is made on their behalf, the gift box also includes a range of premium gifts from the gift shop. From silk scarves to scented candles, we always have something for everyone.

For the occasion of your loved one’s birthday, in particular, you can always explore our range of pre-curated ready-to-ship gift boxes. We have Birthday Grand for Her & Birthday Grand for Him, which includes 6 goodies each & a donation on behalf of your loved one’s name. Similarly, we also have 3 goodies, a Birthday Classic box for Him & Her.

It’s time to make ethical gifting the new cool. Let’s make your loved one’s birthday full of meaning & emotions.


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