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Midnight Jasmine

Evoke the atmosphere with floral scents of the exotic & meditative jasmine with this candle.

Key Lime Pie

Citrusy, fresh, sharp and full of energy, this lime candle is perfect to freshen up any space. 

Himalayan Pine

Inspired by the tranquil solace of the Himalayas, Himalayan Pine is an alchemy of strong & earthy notes.

Strawberries & Creme Candle

This candle will indulge you in a sweet scent, as fresh as a strawberry patch that is sure to tickle your senses.

Lavender Jardin Candle

Lavender relieves insomnia, stress, and anxiety. This candle represents good vibes with its soothing aroma.

Cinnamon Rolls Candle

A candle that certainly tickles the palate with its hot and sensual aromas, perhaps making you crave a cinnamon roll.

Blueberry Pie Candle

This candle will trigger your taste buds with its aroma of a warm Blueberry Pie straight out of the oven.

Vanilla Bean Candle

The creamy aroma of vanilla smells good enough to eat. This candle will escalate your space with warm, tender and sweet notes.