Meaningful Gifts in India

Are you looking for a gift that has a meaning attached to it?

A gift with purpose and meaning is what actually stands out and makes your loved one feel special on their significant day. These meaningful gifts are remembered by your loved one all along. Therefore, one should gift something meaningful to their significant other on their special day.
Now, are you looking for a platform that will let you curate meaningful gifts for your beloved?

Don’t you worry, Humanitive has got your back. It has the most meaningful gifts in India. A platform that lets you curate the most impactful gifts. It is an online platform  that lets you curate gift boxes with not only premium goodies but also includes a well thought out donation program that lets you contribute to a major cause.

There is an ample number of donation programs on the website that one can choose from and contribute to the one that truly resonates with the individual’s personality. You can now either design your own gift box or select from a range of 25 pre-curated gift boxes.

The gift not only has goodies for your loved one but also a ‘Thank You’ video that will win hearts. It is a video that is included in the box. It is set by the concerned NGO as proof of the contribution made by an individual.

Humanitive has the most meaningful gifts in India for you and your loved ones.

Personalised gifts for all occasions

Personalised gifts for all occasions

It feels good to receive a gift from your loved one in which all the intricate details about your personality are kept in mind. We at Humanitive are proud of the platform we have created to make the process of gift-giving efficient and charitable.

Humanitive is a platform which allows you to create personalised gift boxes for your beloved. You can now choose from a range of 40 products to complete your gift box. Along with the premium goodies from our gift shop, you can now include a donation on behalf of your loved one. There is a range of well-thought-out donation programs that you can choose from and contribute to a cause that truly resonates with you and your loved one.

What makes it even more personalised is the fact, that once the donation is received by the concerned NGO, the NGO shares a video thanking the donors and appreciating their kind efforts.

You can now be as creative as possible with your gifts for your parents, friends, family, etc. and create the most personalised gifts for all occasions. It’s time you gift them something that they will cherish and look back on with a smile.

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