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Sponsor a Folding Cane to a visually impaired

The 4-5 fold cane helps a visually impaired manoeuvre independently indoor and outdoor and hence is a very useful mobility device.

Sponsor Accessible Writing Aid for a visually impaired child

This sponsorship will provide a visually impaired child with a Braille Slate, Stylus and 100 Brail paper, used to write notes in school.

Sponsor a School Kit for a visually impaired child

This will equip a visually impaired student with a White cane (mobility Device), Brail slate with stylus and a Taylor Frame with types along with 100 Brail papers (writing aid).

Sponsor School Accessories to a visually impaired child

This sponsorship gets a school going child schoolbag and shoes.

Sponsor Milk for 150 visually impaired for one day

This sponsorship will provide warm milk to 150 children staying in the NAB, Delhi hostel (age group 4-18 years).

Sponsor Tech support to 10 visually Impaired students

This sponsorship will provide 10 visually impaired students with pen-drives or ear-phones; as per requirement: helpful for storing and listening to accessible books.

Sponsor Accessible Books for a visually impaired child for a year

This sponsorship would provide a visually Impaired books in readable format for an entire year (The books would be in large print/Brail/audio/e-text as per student requirement).

Sponsor a Celebration with 200 visually impaired children

Treat 200 visually impaired children on your special day with munchies such as chips, juice, biscuits and sweets.

Sponsor Ration for 200 visually impaired children

This sponsorship would take care of Ration needs of the kitchen of the hostel for the Blind (catering to 200 blind children).