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Sponsor a Summer Essential Kit for 5 Destitute Elderly

An Essential Kit containing Talcum Powder, Soap Bar, Khus Khus/ORS will be provided to 5 Destitute Elderly residing at SHEWS Old Age Home.

Sponsor 1Kg Tang for Destitute Elderly

A pack of 1kg tang will be provided to the destitute elderly living at SHEOWS. This drink will keep them hydrated and fresh during the summer months.

Sponsor Thermal Set for an elderly

Provide Thermal set for one elderly at SHEOWS Old Age Home. The set includes one sweater and woolen pants. This will help keeping them warm this winter.

Sponsor Walkers to 2 destitute elderly

As most of the abandoned elders of our old age home are handicapped/paralyzed or are weak to move around without support, walkers would provide the required support and they would be able to move around independently. Each walker costs Rs. 1500.

Sponsor a Wheelchair for a destitute elderly

Help a needy older person to move around freely by providing a Wheelchair. This would be used by the elderly completely dependent on others to move around and perform basic activities of daily living on their own.

Sponsor Lunch for 120 destitute elderly for a day

This would ensure a full lunch for all the 120 elderly residents of the old age home. This would include rice, dal, seasonal vegetables, and chapati.

Sponsor Dinner for 120 destitute elderly for a day

This would include Rice, Dal, Seasonal vegetables and Chapati

Adopt a destitute elderly for a month

This would include all the expenses related to their food, clothing, accommodation, medical care (Special Care Unit, Physiotherapy sessions, Pathology tests, medicines, and nutritional supplements).

Sponsor breakfast for 120 destitute elderly for a day

This would include Fruits/poha/fried black chana chaat/dalia/khichdi.

Sponsor Physiotherapy Session for a destitute elderly for a week

This would especially focus on the elders suffering from various problems related to their bones and muscles like osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. This would ensure daily physiotherapy sessions and care. The cost of each session is Rs. 200. 5 sessions are held in a week.