Personalised Gifts for Couples

A gift that has a personal meaning attached to it stands out completely. A personalized gift not only makes the gift extremely unique but also appreciates the efforts of the lover who took out time to create memories in a gift. At times, it can be a little tricky to find the perfect gift for your lover.

Therefore, we present to you a platform that makes it extremely easy for you to curate the most meaningful yet personalized gift for couples.

With Humanitive, you can now create the most unique gift boxes with premium gifts from our gift shop and a donation on behalf of your loved one.

The gift box not only has exclusive products from our gift shop but also includes a donation kit. The donation kit includes the details about the donation, acknowledgment letter from the Partner Non-Profit, Certificate of Appreciation, QR Code for Thank You video & a Brochure regarding the concerned Donation.

At Humanitive, we believe in the utmost transparency. Therefore, the moment the donation amount is received by us, it is directly transferred to our partner Non-Profit and they create a ‘Thank You’ video appreciating the kind efforts of the donor. We charge 0 commission from either party involved.

We have partnered with 8 Non-Profit organizations which serve the needy in society. There is a range of donation programs that we have created in collaboration with the 8 Non-profits. You can now choose the donation program that truly resonates with you and the personality of your loved one.

Humanitive also lets you engage in last-minute shopping as it offers a variety of pre-curated gift boxes for all occasions. With our ready-to-ship boxes, you can now order the most meaningful, unique and personalized gift for your lover.

The ready-to-ship boxes cover various categories. One can now choose the gift box according to his/her lover’s personality.

If your lover is an Athlete, our Athlete Mini will be just the right box for your loved one. Similarly, if your other half supports Feminism, our Feminist ready-to-ship boxes will compliment him/her.

These ready-to-ship boxes come with donation programs that suit the personality the box is resonating to.

Humanitive is a platform that offers an extremely flexible platform for the users to get extremely creative with their gifts and create the most personalized gifts for their lovers.

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