Humanitive is such a great place to get your gifts from. It was an amazing experience ordering their boxes as invites for the Queen's Drive Club. Premium quality products, elegant boxes, and donation kits that contain documentation of authenticity are what drew us to them. If you have one gift that can make two people smile, then this is what you should be ordering. They also made customised flaps and fortune cookie wrappers for our event. Everything came just as we expected and loved it!
Ritika Jatin Ahuja
Love the concept It’s super awesome!
Shabnam Fathima
Great gifting option which allows us to customise per our needs. Best part is you get to gift the warmth of extending a helping hand on behalf of someone.
Raja Sinha
The entire concept and the quality of gifts is very nice. The physical gifts came in a very pretty an neat packaging while a video from the donee site was splendid!
Supratim Datta
Being a partner non-profit with Humanitive, I've always been sure of the authenticity and transparency they promise. So for Mother's Day gifts, I naturally gravitated towards them. Both my mother and my mother-in-law loved their gifts! They were pleasantly surprised to see the non profit videos and even shed some happy tears ☺️ My Nani has been carrying her tote around everywhere and it's endearing! Thank you Team Humanitive for creating a pocket of compassion, warmth, authenticity and for adding meaning to our gifting. More power to you!
Priya Gupta
Going to Humanitive for my Husband’s birthday gift was the best decision. I was a little short on time & they made my last-minute shopping worth it. They have an amazing range of pre-curated boxes that made it so easy for me to select the most meaningful gift. Needless to say, the gift box was so aesthetically pleasing. The box also had a donation kit. Through Humanitive, I could donate to my preferred cause on behalf of my husband. I would highly recommend Humanitive for the most meaningful & personalised gifts ever.
Shikha Sharma
Truly doing a great job! This is a great way to give gifts to our loved ones by donating on their behalf. Excellent concept.
Sakshi Gangwani
They are doing a really good job. If you are looking for something really different to gift to your loved one, this is the place to check! Look forward to buying more from you in future 🙂
Jatin Narang
I never thought someone could put so much effort into detailing tiny things which we generally don't focus on, hats-off to the person who started this initiative. I ordered a donation box on behalf of my sister, and I received an enormous box filled with love and happiness. Thank you for such a cute video from the NGO we donated. Overall I am 100% satisfied with my order, quick response, and transparency.
Rajat Rehani
I could place an order within a few minutes. I heard brilliant things about Humanitive, their gift boxes & their service. I was short on time & scared I would have to travel multiple places to get a meaningful/personalised gift for my wife but fortunately, I could shop last-minute efficiently. Their timely delivery is commendable. They are doing a great job. It was hard for me to choose from a range of so many well-thought-out donation programs. I hope to buy more gift boxes in the future, I would look no where further.
Rishabh Bharti
Received a box full of happiness today❤️ The chocolates taste really good and the overall packaging is absolutely amazing!
Aurini Sarkar
One of the Best gifting services in India!
Chitwan Singh
I have received my gift hamper yesterday only and it's a well curated box which is beyond beautiful. The quality of the gifts as well as the packing is superb! I was amazed to see the safety kit on the top of the hamper moreover it's a gifting with purpose and donations are very transparent. I will definitely consider humanitive in future. They are doing a good job! Kudos to the whole team.
Sandeep Bahl
Thank U so much 4 the curated personalized gift🙏🙏 It made my friendship day more special..My bestie got very much impressed n surprised by Ur Unique n Incomparable gift, especially Ur donor certificate n the donor video(in her name)..She felt very blessed to have this..And also she loved Ur beautiful packaging..The gift speaks it's own story..I'm very much impressed n surprised😍🥰🤩❤️
Vidhya Ramky
Best gift found in Delhi
Kavita Thakur
I loved their concept. It’s a very valuable gift, the quality of gifts are top notch and delivery timings are super quick.
S HaqueKatiyar
Thank you Humanitive for awesome lovable gift for my love ones. Now you are one stop gifting platform for me. Thank you for proving donation to needy kids.
pinky kanaujiya
Best ever hamper rec'd yesterday for my love one. Impressed with packing and donation pack with video. Thank you for "tiny" thank you card. Pre order, customer support was reachable in seconds. Thank you guys!
Lucky Badhwal
I loved Humanitive because of the donation programs. The website it so easy to navigate. You feel so good when you see that the donation has gone to the concerned NGO. They charge 0 commission for the donations. I felt so happy after seeing that I could help an underprivileged in society. Their pre-curated boxes made it so easy for me to shop last minute. They have paid attention tp the minute details which makes the box even more special. My gift box to my friend stood out and I my friend absolutely loved it. Their concept is so unique and beautiful! I recommend only Humanitive for all occasions!
Suraj kanaujiya
With a premium range of curated gift boxes, their brand is so aesthetically pleasing. I love their unique concept of Gift + Donate. The donations are extremely transparent. Their customer support is very well responsive. I would highly recommend Humanitive if you want to give something impactful to your loved one.
Deevakshi Kakkar
Working with Humanitive was wonderful experience as the concept of gifting is totally unique and the way Humanitive is helping people is really incredible.
Yogesh Kaushal
Humanitive have so good curated gift boxes.They are so aesthetic. Their customer support is very well responsive. I would highly recommend Humanitive for personalized gift boxes.
Humanitive is an extremely well-thought-out platform. It helped me get the most meaningful gift for my loved one. Not only could I curate my gift box, I also had an option to choose from the pre-curated gift boxes. It was so nice to see the different Non-Profits oI could donate to on behalf of my loved one. After searching the internet, I am so glad I landed here. I came here because of word of mouth, but now I have my full trust in them. I was confused, but I saw it for myself. I could even see the gift box in real time. I decided and it was an amazing one
Sagar Singh
A very touching initiative that I could relate to. Love the concept and packaging too. Good luck guys.
Harleen Dawar
Highly recommend Humanitive for personalized gift boxes and donations program. Keep it up👍
Ashish Tomar
I received my Humanitive parcel today, it was a gift from a friend, and I can't thank you enough for this bundle of happiness. I saw the video too, words are less to express how I felt. Your team made me a part of blessings coming from these beautiful souls. This is beyond special for me. Heartleft wishes for your amazing initiative.
Samaira Singh
We had the pleasure of collaborating with Humanitive to announce baby JAE's arrival. I don't think we would have done any better than what we could achieve with Humanitive. The idea of "Giving with Gifting" truly represents JAE's meaning. If you are looking at a unique gifting idea with a touch of gratitude, then head over to their page and start curating your own personalized piece of happiness.
Angela & Jasdeep Singh
Thank you so much for the lovely thank-you message by the little gift. I'm really happy to associate with you. You are doing amazing work which we miss in our daily running around. Keep up this extraordinary work. I never came across such a wonderful organization. we got an extraordinary service and are extremely happy.
Naveen Akkina
Gifting with a cause. How can anyone top that ? Amazing initiative. 👌👌
Nauroze Arora
Very happy with the product received. These guys are doing god's work. Bless you
Jaineet Singh
Great experience! If you’re looking for something meaningful and personalised you must try Humanitive. You will find something unique for your loved one. Their gift shop is very exclusive and they have extremely timely delivery. I have bought a L’Amour box from Humanitive and it’s made of satin and looks really luxurious, just how I wanted it. I could see how the box would look in real life on their website. Must try for the most meaningful gifts.
Sagar Chopra
Humanitive is a one-step destination for the most meaningful gifts ever. Whether it’s your loved ones birthday or anniversary, you will find gifts for all occasions in one store. They even have gifts for animal lovers, feminists, and environmentalists. The best part is that they send a ‘Thank You’ video with every box. The video shows where our funds were utilized. Their gift shop is beautiful, they have something for everyone! You can trust them blindly with your loved ones' gift.
Shaurya Sharma
Ordered a gift box from Humanitive to take to my friend's house for Christmas and she absolutely loved it. She immediately put all the gift items to use. Furthermore, the video she received for the donation in her name was rather heartwarming and endearing. Their concept of curating gifts while supporting different causes is unique in the industry and the gift items are of great quality too. All in all, it is a win-win. Placing the order was a seamless process and you get exactly what you see on their website. I would highly recommend Humanitive for your gifting needs!
Nakul Gupta
I was looking for birthday gifts for my friend when an Instagram add landed me to Humanitive's page and then onto their website. I was amazed to see such an amazing initiative where you can choose gifts for your loved ones and at the same do something meaningful for the society. I ordered a donation box for my friend which came in a beautiful box with the gifts that I ordered and a Thank you video showing exactly where your donations were being used. Humanitive's team has been really cooperative the entire time and they work with complete transparency. It has been a really amazing experience for me and a meaningful well-curated gift for my friend. I truly wish to connect with them in the future as well.
Darakshan Zabin
It was a beautiful experience with humanitive especially the box and the gifts! Everything was so special and so beautiful! Thankyou humanitive can’t thank you enough
Mansirat Kohli
There was always a sweet space between gifting something to someone and also being able to share love and light in their name. Humanitive beautifully fills that gap. You can make someone feel remembered and loved but also extend that love to many more which is such a wonderful idea. We now have a token to remember the moment for which we decided to gift ourselves a humanitive box and also be able to extend our gratitude and celebration with strangers. I am really glad to have stumbled upon this initiative. Lots and lots of love.
Pooja & Kushal
I gifted a gift to my sister after winning. She had tears of joy and happiness after she saw the gift. Love the box and only hearts for the video message of the girl to whom donation was made. Special thanks to Team Humanitive for this wonderful initiative of gifting and donating at the same time. Thanks for Spreading happiness to more and more people. Wishing Humanitive to grow globally and help many more people just like they do❤❤
Mahima Ketankumar Shah
Absolutely love the whole idea of customizing a gift while also being a part of doing good for someone out there. It makes for such a thoughtful gift each time you make a donation for an initiative. Excellent execution and love the packaging. Highly recommended. 💜
Dhwani Vora
Finding the perfect gift for a loved one has always been a tough job for me. When I came across Humanitive, I was floored by their concept and instantly knew that this is a cause I can definitely get behind. The incredible folks at Humanitive have been so supportive right from the start. The cause, the planning and the execution made the whole experience truly special. Can’t wait to see more of Humanitive in the gifting space. Keep up the good work guys.
Shruti Katyal
Ingenious concept of pairing gifting with charity, Humanitive surpassed my expectations. The entire experience was personalised & heartwarming. I had ordered a gift box for my Dad & him along with my family loved the gift as well as this entire idea immensely. All the products/gifts inside the box were of great quality too. And the personalised donation video was the cherry on top of it all. Thank you, team Humanitive.
Bhavna Rasaily
Brilliant concept. Excellent service. Timely delivery. What else can one ask for. Great job guys ! You’re winning hearts !
Ashita Kochhar
It was a wonderful experience😍 Thank you so much Humanitive🤗💜 The products are amazing👌 The message and the video is superb, indeed a super meaningful gift😍😍
Nikhat Khan
For my part, I am almost contented just now, and very thankful. And more contented with the thought behind this amazing initiative. The greatest thing I can thank you for is all the joy you've brought to me and many others. Kudos to Humanitive for their efforts and creativity in spreading warmth through their beautiful yet so meaningful gifts.
Kanika Gulati
Considering my marketing profile, I come across a lot of ideas and concepts. is the most well-designed, well-implemented concept I have seen in a while. I recommend you to checkout their webpage; it will be totally worth your time. I feel there is a philanthropist under all of our skins. Humanitive was able to scratch that out of me. I have been inspired. Thank you !!
Tusshar Batra
I chose Humanitive because they were a one-stop shop for all my needs and I felt I could trust them with both - finding the perfect gift for a loved one and donating to my charity of choice. The simplicity and transparency won me over.
Simran Mahajan
Loved everything, the packaging, the products, every little details that's evidently so thoughtfully planned! ❤️
Sifat Kochar
You guys are doing an extremely auspicious job. Thankyou for this initiative. Love every bit of it ❤️
Parmi Savla
We really loved the packaging and the beautiful gifts we got inside. Hope you continue to spread love via gifts and grow by the name "Humanitive" even more 🙂 thank you once again , my whole family on receiving the box was elated 🙂
Malvika Rastogi
Quality of gift - Very good, exactly the same as shown in pictures Packaging of gift - Excellent Delivery time - Delivered on time Donated amount - Objective of making the donation through this gift was met. My best wishes to the team. Keep up the good work..!!
Hitesh Sachdeva
Great job done Totally deserves 5 stars Amazing hamper Thanks alot
Sakshi Sitlani
I think the concept is awesome. And contributing towards a cause is the best thing. The gifts are nice and the donation kit gives happiness that you cherish for life and feels good. Keep doing the great work!
Gunjan Khanna
Loved the gift and the team was very helpful will keep in mind for the next time I have to order something
Arya Pooja Katara
When I saw this box I was amazed by the beauty of it. It looked so good but the best was yet to come! When I opened the box there was a beautiful envelope sealed with a Thankyou. The envelope contained a certificate,a Thankyou note, a brochure, a note from the creator and a Special Thankyou note with a QR code. Scanning the QR code and watching that personalized video was the most joyful thing! True happiness. That video was the gem! Inside the box there were two containers - one filled with Ferrero Rocher and the other with Fortune Cookies both are my favorites! Overall I loved this box. I just can’t help but keep on writing about it! I am absolutely thankful for receiving this!
Marziya Hashmani
I was looking for unique gifting options for a friend when I came across Humanitive, and I was blown away by everything they were offering. I never thought I could donate on behalf of my dears ones and that could turn into a beautiful gift. ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE!
Dikshant Kumar
Absolutely stunning , it perfectly met my aesthetic vibe. Alot of effort put into each and every detail . I loved it , Thank you for the perfect gift . You'll be getting more orders from me v soon ❤️