Welcoming Our New Partner Non-Profit

We are so thrilled to welcome our new partner non-profit, All Creatures Great and Small (ACGS). ACGS is a non-profit animal sanctuary located on a 2.5-acre plot in a picturesque green area in rural Haryana, about an hour’s drive from New Delhi, India.

Our partner non-profit, ACGS’s mission is to create a comfortable, loving and compassionate sanctuary for old, sick, abandoned and lonely animals. They firmly believe that every animal deserves affection, care, good nutrition & medical attention.

The team of ACGS solely aims to create a happy forever home for each permanent resident till the end of their lives whether at the sanctuary or through their adoption programme. Currently, ACGS houses 750+ animals in the sanctuary. From stray dogs to emus, they have a whole variety of animals that stay in the most healthy environment.

All Creatures Great & Small believes that animals have a right to a non-speciesist, cruelty-free life. They need to be recognised as sentient beings, no different from humans and must be included in the global social justice movement along with all the other liberation movements.

ACGS is an animal welfare organization that is on a journey to rescue stray, old, sick or abandoned animals, large and small, who have been victims of abuse, cruelty or accidents and cannot survive on the road on their own. The shelter is home to more than 400 dogs at the moment, more than 100 cows, and several other large animals like horses, goats, pigs, antelope, donkeys, as well as some emus. They attend to these animals and provide them with the best quality medical care, nutritional support and love. Some of them are either released or adopted by animal lovers, while the rest remain in our care.

Within the ACGS campus, there is a clinic that is fairly well equipped to handle routine physical injuries, minor surgeries, dressings, vaccinations, amputations and sterilisations. The clinic looks after the medical needs of the resident animals as well as outpatients brought in by people from the surrounding villages.

The team of ACGS firmly believes in The Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme & follows a very strict and rigorous ABC (Animal Birth Control) developed by WHO as the only practical solution to control the street dog population and eradicate rabies. Dogs and cats are spay-neutered and male herbivores are castrated.

Team Humanitive is so thrilled to have partnered up with such an animal welfare non-profit that is catering to needy animals. You can now choose from a range of very interesting donation programs that we have curated in collaboration with ACGS. Some of our new donation programs are:

  • Sponsor cat toys for the cattery
  • Feed 20 Ducks for a month
  • Adopt a monkey for a week
  • Feed 30 cows for a day
  •  Adopt a Horse for a week
  • Adopt a goat for a month
  • Adopt an Emu for a month
  • Feed 100 animals (dogs, cats, cows, horses etc.)
  •  Sponsor a cow’s nutritional cost for a month
  • Adopt a horse for a month

It’s time to spread kindness with the most meaningful gifts you give your loved ones. Select one of our donation programs in collaboration with ACGS and spread kindness among these innocent creatures.

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