3 Steps to Curate the Most Meaningful Gift Online

We all know how putting together a gift box is a time-consuming process for the gift giver. It is both mentally and physically exhausting to select the perfect gift for your loved one. But, it no longer is a strenuous process. With Humanitive, you can now curate the most meaningful gift for your loved one in just 3 easy steps.

Humanitive is a unique online gifting platform that lets you curate the most impactful & meaningful gift box for your loved one. We have curated a platform that ensures user-friendliness and makes sure it is easy to navigate.

Steps to the Perfect Gift:

STEP 1: Select your gift box
We offer 4 distinct gift boxes for the user to choose from that comes in 4 different colours. We have Mini, Classic, Grand & a L’Amour Box. These boxes come in four different colours and can be chosen according to the personality of the recipient.

STEP 2: Choose gifts from our gift shop
Our gift shop has more than 50+ premium products. From silk scarves to candies and neckties, we have something for everyone. Our gifts are carefully packed in our gift box keeping in mind the minute details for that extra touch of luxury.

STEP 3: Add a donation program
We offer a range of donation programs that range from Rs 200 to Rs 7,000. From Animal Welfare to Destitute Elderly, we have quite a few causes that you can choose from. With around 90 donation programs, we have partnered up with  Non-Profit Organisations and have curated donation programs that will definitely make an underprivileged’s day a little better and brighter.

At Humanitive we believe in providing our customers with the most meaningful and easy experience. Therefore, one can curate the most meaningful gift in just three easy steps.

If you’re shopping last minute, we have got you sorted there too. There are a variety of pre-curated ready-to-ship boxes that make gifting hunting extremely effective. We have a variety of boxes that suit various occasions. From Congratulations Box to Sympathy Box, we have made your last-minute shopping extremely effective and efficient.

Humanitive is an online platform that believes in transparency, quality and impact.

With every donation that is made we make sure the entire donation process is completely transparent to our customers. Every gift box includes a donation kit that is our way of expressing complete transparency with the donations. These donation kits also include a QR Code that leads to a ‘Thank You Video’. The video is proper documentation of the entire donation process taking place. Along with 100% transparency, we also charge 0 commission from our Non-Profit partners.

Our boxes are curated with the best quality products to give our customers the best. Our luxe gift boxes are so sturdy that even if someone stands over them, they will not go out of place. We check our quality thoroughly and deliver only the best. Our gift shop includes more than 50+ premium products. From cookies to silk scarves, we guarantee only premium products.

Every gift box that goes out includes a donation made on behalf of the recipient. Along with surprising your loved one, you are also making a needy’s day. We come to work every day because we want to make a difference in the world.

Come join us as we make a change. Let’s make ethical gifting the new cool!

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