Best Father’s Day Gifts

Does Your Father Know How Much You Love Him?

How much time will you take to respond to this? Do you have to think for a few seconds? Or you could answer it in an instant, without giving it a single thought. And if you could answer it in an instant, what would you say? Would you say, “Yes, he knows I love him more than anything.”? Or would you reply, “No, He doesn’t.”?

Despite our admiration and love for our dads, most of us are unable to convey our feelings to him. This Father’s Day, express what you feel by bringing a meaningful gift for your dad. Humanitive is a meaningful gifting website that is making your Father’s Day 2022 extra special by giving you an option to create a personalized Father’s Day gift for your dad with no hassle.

Create a gift for your dad in three easy steps:

1) Pick a box of your choice.
2) Pick a color and product that your father likes.
3) Add the donation program that resonates with your dad.

Thank your dad for always being there for you with this thoughtful Father’s Day present. It has 100+ premium products to choose from & you can also make a donation on behalf of your dad. You also get a donation kit that contains all the documentation of the donation, along with a personalized thank you video by the recipient of the donation.

We also have an option for last-minute Father’s Day gifts & a solution if you’re looking for a perfect Father’s Day gift idea. Our Father’s Day ready-to-ship boxes, curated just for him, are what you’ve been searching for.

1) Petit Box

Our Petit Box comes with one premium gift in the keepsake petit box. It includes cufflinks. You can sponsor meals for 2 homeless people for a day for Rs. 300/- on behalf of your dad, along with 1 beautiful gift in our keepsake Petit Box.

2) Mini Box

This Mini Box comes with two premium gifts in the keepsake mini box. It includes Tie & Pocket Square & Ferrero Rocher Chocolate. You can sponsor notebooks for 10 underprivileged children for Rs. 250 on behalf of your father, and gift him 2 beautiful gifts in our keepsake Mini Box.

3) Classic Box

Our Classic Box comes with three premium gifts in the keepsake classic box. It includes Cufflinks, Tie & Pocket Square, and Choco Dates with Hazelnut Crème Chocolate. You can sponsor planting a Tree for Rs. 400 on behalf of your father and gift him 3 beautiful gifts in our keepsake Classic Box.

4) Grand Box

This Grand Box comes with six premium gifts in the keepsake grand box. It includes Vanilla Bean Candle, Red Tie & Pocket Square, Royal Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea, Fierce Bracelet, Cufflinks & Fortune Cookies. You can sponsor physiotherapy sessions for a destitute elderly for a week for Rs. 1,000/- on behalf of your father, and gift him 6 beautiful gifts in our keepsake Grand Box.

We also have a present for you! We have the best Father’s Day deal so that you can get your present at a flat ₹300/- off. Use code SUPERDAD to avail the offer.

Celebrate the day designed for dad by giving him a gift that he will cherish forever.

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