Charity Birthday Gifts In India | Transforming Birthdays Into Acts of Kindness

We are here to give your usual birthday gifts a brand-new makeover. It’s time to gift your loved ones gifts that carry noble experiences.

Are you tired of giving the same old mundane birthday gifts to your loved ones? If yes, then it’s time to give your birthday gifts a brand-new makeover. Humanitive brings you a unique way to celebrate your loved one’s birthday while giving back to society. Our online platform offers you the most hassle-free gifting experience, where every gift box includes a birthday gift donation to a charity.

Every gift with Humanitive includes a donation that is made on behalf of the recipient. Our online gifts are curated to provide the sender and the recipient the most hassle-free gifting experience. You can now gift the most meaningful gifts that includes a donation on their behalf. It’s time to gift a donation.

We have partnered up with 9 Non-profits that cater to the needy in society. With over 90+ donation programs in partnership with our partner non-profits, they range from Rs 200/- to Rs 7,000/-. While having to donate for someone’s birthday you are also gifting a donation. Feeding meals & donating to a charity on behalf of someone is considered to be a very special & meaningful gift. We have curated a platform for you wherein you can surprise your loved ones with premium gifts while donating on their behalf to the underprivileged community. Yes, Humanitive is a platform that allows you to gift the most meaningful charity gifts in India.

Every special birthday gift box includes a donation that is made on behalf of the recipient completing the most unique & meaningful gift ever. With Humanitive, you can finally gift a donation to India that you make on behalf of the recipient along with premium quality gifts from our gift shop. We have something for everyone. Our gift shop has 50+ premium gifts that you choose from and curates the most premium-looking gift box.

Why Choose Humanitive?

With Humanitive, you can choose gift giving with a noble cause, we offer 100+ gift options that you can choose from. At Humanitive, We have something for everyone, with our wide range of gifting options, you will find something worth cherishing!

Along with premium goodies from the gift shop, these boxes also include a donation kit. For any donation you make, we add a donation kit to the gift box. The donation kit holds the information regarding the donation that you make on behalf of your loved one. It consists of an acknowledgment from the Non-Profit, Certificate of Appreciation, Personalised Thank You Video, Brochure from the concerned NGO. These donation kits are our way of ensuring 100% transparency.

By donating on someone’s birthday, you can gift them a donation and make it a special and meaningful gift. There are many birthday donation ideas in India like feeding meals and donating to a charity on behalf of someone. Humanitive has curated a platform that allows you to surprise your loved ones with premium gifts while donating on their behalf to the underprivileged community. Gift a donation to India with Humanitive.

How to design your own gift box?

We understand the importance of donation on birthdays. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to design your own gift box in just three simple steps.


We offer 4 distinct premium gift box packaging for the user to choose from that comes in 4 different colours. We have Mini, Classic, Grand & a L’Amour Box. These premium gift boxes come in four different colours and can be chosen according to the personality of the recipient.


Our gift shop has more than 50+ premium products. From silk scarves to candies and neckties, we have something for everyone. Our gifts are carefully packed in our premium gift box packaging, keeping in mind the minute details for that extra touch of luxury.


We offer a range of donation programs that range from Rs 200 to Rs 7,000. From Animal Welfare to Destitute Elderly, we have quite a few causes that you can choose from. With around 90 donation programs, we have partnered up with Non-Profit Organisations and have curated donation programs that will definitely make an underprivileged’s day a little better and brighter.

Our Thank You Video

When you donate to someone’s birthday, the most exciting part is the Thank You video that comes inside each gift box. The Thank You video is proof that the donation has reached the concerning cause. It is created and sent by the NGO thanking the efforts of the donors.

With the design your own gift box, you can now curate your own box & can include a donation that truly resonates with your loved one. Choose Humanitive for the most meaningful gifts for your loved one & gift them something that they will cherish all along.

At Humanitive, we believe in transparency, quality, and impact. Every gift box that is curated with us, along with luxury box gifts, also includes a donation that is made on behalf of the recipient. The moment the donation amount is received by us, it is directly transferred to our partner Non-Profit, and they create a ‘Thank You’ video appreciating the kind efforts of the donor. We charge 0 commission from either party involved, ensuring that your donation goes towards the cause you choose. So with us, Curate the most meaningful charity birthday gifts in India.

Furthermore, Humanitive also lets you engage in last-minute shopping as it offers a variety of pre-curated gift boxes for all occasions. With our premium luxurious ready-to-ship boxes, you can now order the most meaningful, unique, and personalized gift for your loved ones.

It’s time to gift a donation!

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