5 Latest Ideas to Celebrate Diwali at Your Workplace

Diwali is the most auspicious festival celebrated in the entire country. It is not limited to one historical event but is celebrated by every religion. It is also a festival where close ones, company associates, and clients express their gratitude and strengthen their work relations. Celebrating at your workplace holds equal importance, which is why efforts should be put in when planning personal or bulk corporate gifts. To plan Diwali gifting effortlessly and seamlessly during this festive season, Humanitive comes to your rescue. It is a gifting website that offers unique and meaningful gifting options. You can even get amazing Diwali gift ideas handmade at this site that are made in collaboration with NGOs. Hence, you can easily and automatically help the underprivileged in society without going anywhere. 

However, sometimes Diwali celebrations at your workplace can get boring. It is really important to know the best and latest ideas to amplify the celebration quotient at the workplace during the most auspicious and awaited festival of the year. So, to make everything exciting and interesting, here are some of the latest ideas that you can opt to celebrate at your office to elevate the fun and add festive vibes like never before. 

Top 5 Ideas to Amplify Diwali Celebrations at Your Workplace

Sustainable Corporate Gifts for Diwali

Go for secret Diwali gifts.

Getting gifts on Diwali is a nice feeling. But what if the name of the sender is not revealed to the receiver? This can spice things up and make them much more exciting. It is an interesting way that team members can surprise each other without revealing anything. You can also add a guessing game where, after receiving the gift, they have to guess the name of the sender. This will make them feel special and appreciated. You can add various Diwali gift hampers for employees and clients while planning this. 

Go for Diwali buffets.

Opting for Diwali buffets can allow employees to learn about native Indian dishes. You can organize a Diwali buffet by adding dishes like fish curry, chana masala, etc. These can be ordered from any local restaurant. Plus, some non-alcoholic beverages can be added as well. To make it more fun, play traditional Indian songs for the employees to enjoy. 

Diwali gift exchange programs

Gift exchange programs during Diwali at the workplace kill boredom and bring excitement. This allows for day-to-day activities at the workplace while Diwali festivities are happening. Also, this idea encourages employees to get the best gifts for one another. This idea requires every office member to get nice gifts for the team. The gifting items can be bouquets, soft toys, sweets, chocolates, etc. Also, there should be the liberty that employees can get more than one best corporate gift for clients and other employees. This idea can also be converted into a small ceremony where good wishes and hugs are exchanged as well. 

Add a photo booth at your workplace.

Diwali celebrations are incomplete without clicking amazing and happy pictures. This is the best time to create beautiful memories at your workplace. You can add a photo booth for the clients and employees so that they can click pictures with everyone. To make everything better, you can even decorate the photo booth in a traditional way or by adding a graphic design. This will remind every employee and client that they had a great time. Some props that you can add to the photo booth can be strings of lights, Diwali signs, flowers, etc.

 Share Diwali sweets.

There is no Diwali celebration at the workplace without sharing Diwali sweets. No wonder friends and family share sweets during this festival, and this can also be done at the workplace. This will show that you appreciate the hard work of every employee working in the office. Diwali sweets that you can include are Kaju Katli, Gulan Jamun, Rasmali, Jalebi, and a lot more. You can even convert these sweets into a mouth-watering gift option. This is a great corporate gift idea for employees. You can find sweets at any local market or place an order at online gifting sites. To make this more interesting, you can add the option of lunch at the office. This will allow everyone to have a nice time together and connect better. 


The above-mentioned ideas to celebrate Diwali at your workplace are simple to follow. They can allow the employees to celebrate with an open heart without fretting about anything. However, to choose the best gifts for employees or clients, you can rely on Humanitive. It is one of the best gift sites in India. The beneficiaries go to Humanitive’s non-profit partners that means while making your employees happy, you are also doing a good deed. You can go through Humanitive’s client testimonials to learn more about it.

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