Impactful Gifting with Humanitive

In today’s day and age, have you come across a platform that allows you to give something quite exclusive and significant to your dearest while making a societal impact?

An online portal that allows you to curate personalized gift boxes with a donation, that one gift has not one, but two recipients. It is a platform where each gift is meaningful, without any compromise on style, elegance, and personalization. An authentic medium that allows spreading kindness and love. It’s one and the only platform that takes the utmost care of your beloved while taking care of the needy.

It’s Humanitive!

Humanitive offers impactful gifting options in India for the change-makers. It offers you a wide range of premium products that you can choose from and curate a personalized luxe gift box for your loved one. Along with all the premium products, you can also include a donation under your loved one’s name. We have collaborated with 8 NGO’s, each respectively caters to the needy in our society. You can now choose from the wide range of donation programs offered by Humanitive and can select the one that truly resonates with you and your loved one.

At our core, Humanitive operates on Impact, Transparency, and Quality.

How to Select the Best Impactful Gift in India?

Are you looking for a gift that your loved one will cherish and remember lifelong? We’ve got you sorted.

We are the only platform that allows an individual to leave an impact on society with every purchase. This way, every single gift purchased, is either feeding the destitute elderly or providing a care kit to the homeless.

Along with leaving an impact in society, the gift box curated with Humanitive is cherished all along by the receiver. The flexibility with the personalization of the gift and the variety of donation programs available for the individual to choose from has made the gifting process effortless yet effective.

Humanitive offers you a versatile platform, wherein you can either create your own box or choose from a variety of pre-curated gift boxes. These pre-curated gift boxes are individually orchestrated to cater to the occasion efficiently. From anniversary boxes to when you have to sympathize with or congratulate someone, we have a lot for you in-store that may delight your loved one.

All these boxes are incomplete without the most essential part, donations. Every box you purchase has a donation included in it. You can choose the donation from a range of 8 NGO’s and can contribute to the one that you and your beloved resonate with the most.

There is one gift, but two recipients.

Surprise Your Partner by Giving Impactful Gifts in IndiaSurprise Your Partner by Giving Impactful Gifts

Looking for something to appreciate your partner? Are you planning to gift your loved one an impactful yet personalized gift?

There is an ample number of ways to achieve that but only a few will be remembered for a long time.

The idea behind this is to be unique and present the most meaningful gift which leaves an impact on the individual’s life. A gift that they will look back on with a smile.

Don’t you worry? Humanitive has a variety of goodies that you can include in an elegant yet stylish gift box along with a donation on behalf of your beloved. You can choose from a variety of donation programs and choose the one that resonates with your beloved the most. Donations create the most priceless experience for an individual. The ‘Thank You” video from the concerned NGO will be something that your loved one will cherish and preserve all along.

You will surprise to see the amount of personalization, meaning, and impact, all in one gift box.

You no longer have to worry about sneaking the gift inside your house when your loved one is around. Humanitive is an online portal that makes timely delivery.

What Are the Impactful Gifts for Employees?Impactful Gifts for Employees

No matter the occasion, gifts for employees boost their morale and motivate them to work with their absolute potential. Gifts are a token of appreciation and value to the employees.

Considering the fact that employees of an organization aren’t family members that will appreciate your gift no matter what and will show the same amount of affection, you don’t know enough about your employees and their preferences for an annual gift.

Gifts for employees can be thoughtful and impactful with Humanitive.

Humanitive offers you a platform, an online portal, to create corporate bulk orders with an extensive touch of personalization, meaning, and impact. These boxes contain hand-picked goodies from our gift shop and a donation on behalf of the employee. The donation kit individually contains a ‘Thank You’ video, appreciating the employee for his contribution, thus, leaving an impact on the employee’s life.

These boxes are individually orchestrated to appreciate and value the employees of an organization. The well-thought-out goodies from our gift shop are professional yet meaningful that all corporate workers will appreciate and cherish all along.

Remember, a happy employee is a productive employee!

Where Buy Trending Impactful Gifts in India?

It can be exhausting to find the perfect meaningful gift for your loved one sometimes. During such a pandemic, everyone is restraining themselves from going outside for gift-hunting. Humanitive is an online platform that provides you with the most meaningful gift at the ease of your home.

Regardless of the ongoing pandemic, it can be really hard to find the trending impactful gift for your loved one

3 simple steps for the most impactful gift in India: choose your box, select your goodies, and add a donation.

The goodies from our gift shop provide a range of premium products that are currently trending and will make your loved one feel special. These boxes are incomplete without a donation on behalf of the beloved.

Therefore, Humanitive is the perfect stop for the most impactful gift in India. An online platform that lets you curate the most personalized, exclusive, and impactful gift at the ease of your home. It operates on transparency, impact, and quality. Therefore, these things are always checked with every single gift box that is purchased.

You no longer have to worry about gifting the most impactful gift to your loved one. Visit Humanitive and create the most meaningful gift ever.

At Humanitive, we work every day because we want to make an impact in the world. We envision being the world’s most ethical store. A platform where each purchase is helping the needy.

Impactful Gifting Options

Humanitive is a platform that allows you to curate the most impactful gifts for your loved ones. Every gift is allowing you to  leave an impact in the life of the underprivileged.

Furthermore, the fact that makes us interesting is that with every gift, you are also making a difference in an underprivileged’s life. From sponsoring their one-time meal to their basic necessities, Humanitive is one-stop-shop for all your gifting & charity needs.

With us, you have the liberty to choose the cause you want to donate to. With over 90 donation programs with our 9 non-profits, it’s time to curate the most meaningful gifting experience for your loved ones & the needy in society.

In addition, we maintain 100% transparency with your donations and ensure 0 hidden charges. Our policy is to charge 0 commission from either involved parties on the donation amount. This is why, you can now donate without worrying about the authenticity to the NGO of your choice.

With over 90 donation programs with 9 non-profits, we provide you with numerous options to choose the cause that you want to support. It’s time to indulge in the most impactful gifting experience and shop impactful Gifts online India.

With us, you can now curate gifts that will truly leave a lasting impact in your loved one’s life.

We have curated a platform for you to showcase your affection to your loved ones & treat them with the most impactful gifts.

Our team is determined to make a difference in the world. Every gift is unique in its own way. Along with premium gifts, every gift box  includes a donation kit. The donation kit is extremely personalised and impactful.

The donation kit includes all the required information regarding the donation that you to on behalf of your loved one.

Choose Impactful gifting options for your loved ones and make a difference.

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