Meaningful gifts: A New Launch

Meaningful gifts – it just got a whole lot more exciting. We have expanded our gifting options with new products that we know you will love. We are pleased to share the newly launched products with you. Whatever the occasion, the collection of our new products has got everything you need, from unique birthday gifts for him to meaningful gifts for her. If you want to choose gifts that are impactful, here’s a collection of some of the best gifts that give back to society.


Our customers loved our existing soy double-wick candles so much that we added more to our collection. As part of our effort to offer our customers some variety, we have added different shapes of candles to our collection. Some of them are Sea Shell Candles, Snowflake Candles, and Couple Candles. One of our personal favorites is Teddy Bear Candle, which looks like chocolate and might tempt anyone to eat it. Make a thoughtful gift for your loved one by selecting the best candles for them.



Our new product launch also has the addition of some divine perfumes. A good fragrance expresses much about your personality, so it’s important to choose one that suits you. We have carefully selected premium scents that bring out the best in your personality. For men, we recommend our Dense Fragrance scent, which has low notes of musk. For women, we recommend our Autumn Fragrance scent, which has a bittersweet floral fragrance with a reminiscent base of vanilla and tonka bean. You’re sure to impress your loved ones with this gift as it also gives back to society.


Pocket Watches –

A cool addition to our gift shop. We have designed special gifts for your moms and dads. These pocket watches have mom and dad engraved on them. They make a really thoughtful gift for your parents. You will not only be giving these watches, but you will also be making a donation on behalf of your parents, which makes it an even more meaningful gift.

Pocket Watch

Ombre Silk Scarf-

A step towards stepping up your fashion game is by including scarves to your outfits. We have already featured two silk scarves from our collection: a Heritage Silk Scarf for someone who loves heritage elements and a Leopard Silk Scarf for a fierce look. The ombre silk scarf is the perfect accessory to add elegance to your outfit. Send this thoughtful gift to someone who adores silk scarves and is waiting to add another one to her collection.

Ombre Silk Scraf


Christmas is just around the corner and we’ve got the coolest Christmas socks for your loved ones. This cozy set of socks will not only make a thoughtful addition to your unique gift list, but it will also keep your loved ones warm during the bitterly cold weather. Make sure to add this to your gift ideas list.


Reiki Healing Stones-

The ancient healing practice of Reiki, which relies on the concept that energy can be transferred through touch in order to accelerate the mental, emotional, and physical healing process, is endlessly fascinating. A range of physical and emotional health benefits are associated with it, including improved sleep, mood improvement, and pain relief. Give this set of 12 tumble stones to someone you care about.

Reiki Healing Stones

Love Puzzle-

Out of 100 ways of expressing your love for your special someone, we found one for you. Although we named it a “love puzzle”, we also call it “14 reasons why”. When you gift this to your loved one, they can solve this puzzle to learn 14 reasons why you love them. If your loved one solves this puzzle, it will turn into a heart shape. If you are looking for a meaningful gift that is adorable and is sure to please your loved one, then this is one of our highly recommended gifts.

Love Puzzle


This set of two astronauts is a thoughtful gift for space enthusiasts. It can be placed on your work desk or it also makes good home decor. These adorable cosmic vibe astronauts are made with great attention to detail and are sure to delight your loved ones.


Silver-Coated Elaichi-

We offer premium silver-coated elaichi that’s perfect for wedding invitations and traditional gatherings.

Silver Coated Elaichi

With our new launch, we now have more than a hundred products. It enables you to choose from a wide range of options, so you can craft a gift that is just right for your dear one.

You can curate meaningful gifts that are extraordinary and leave a lasting impression with Humanitive. All the donations that you make on the behalf of your loved one are 100% transparent. Your loved one also gets a personalized thank you video from the beneficiary of the donation. Every gift box that you order contains a donation kit that includes all the donation documents.

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