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Our December 2021 post on Instagram was about defining our goals for the new year. The first goal was about making an impact upwards of 5 lakhs in the new year. Here’s the post for your reference:IG POst


Until March, we recorded an impact upwards of Rs. 6,00,000/-. This would not have been possible without your love & support. And, we are celebrating the same with a brand new way to check out the Impact we created together. Here’s a glimpse of our new & improved impact section. Here’s a glimpse of our new & improved impact section.

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It’s time to indulge in the most meaningful way of gifting while knowing the impact that you created with your purchase. With us, you indulge in a unique gifting experience while curating impactful gifts for your loved ones.

We would love to share more about our impact with you! From the start, we have shared receipts, photos and video documentations of the beneficiaries with each gift recipient.

You can CONTACT US to access any of documents or to get our detailed Impact report.

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