Top 10 Gifting Websites In India For Corporate Diwali Celebrations

The norms of the corporate world are changing. Earlier, companies didn’t bother about making their employees or clients feel special. Now things have changed. Corporate gifting has become a trend on special occasions like Diwali. No wonder this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. This idea of offering gifts on Diwali to your clients and employees is the best way to strengthen the bond. Plus, this can make them feel appreciated and motivated. However, planning corporate gifts at the last moment can be a little tricky.

No doubt, there are many of the best online gifting sites that can allow companies to select the best Diwali gifts for clients and employees. These sites are meant to have everything under one roof, be it dry fruits, customized gifting options, handmade gifts, etc. However, there are very few online gifting sites India that offer top-notch gifting options.

To help solve the mystery, here are some of the best gifting sites in India that can make everything hassle-free:

1.  Humanitive 

Humanitive can be of big help when it comes to Diwali gift options for employees and clients. This is one of the best gift sites in India. With this site, you don’t have to rely on boring and outdated Diwali gift options like pens, mugs, etc. You can find meaningful and useful Diwali gift options here. Plus, the best thing about Humanitive is that everything is available on their site. Whether you are searching for personalized gifts, handmade gifts, dry fruits, gift sets, ready-to-ship boxes, eGift cards, bulk corporate gifts, NGO gifts, etc.

Moreover, the one thing that sets Humanitive apart from other online gifting sites in India is that the beneficiaries go to Humanitive’s non-profit partners. In simple words, you can shop for corporate Diwali gifts while doing a good deed. The site offers customized gifting options like a logo on the sticker, a logo on the sleeve, etc. There are many Humanitive testimonials available on their official site that prove its authenticity and maintain transparency.

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2. Gourmet Luxe 

Gourmet Luxe is a luxury gifting website India. The site is known to handle everything, be it corporate gifting, sourcing, packaging, or delivery. Everything is customizable. You can even enjoy their initial consultation to get advice on gifting strategies. Gourmet Luxe has its in-house graphic designers.

3. Giftsenda 

Giftsenda has over 20 years of experience. The website allows companies to get access to amazing corporate gifts sourced from 200+ countries. They are involved in more than just gift-sending services to clients and employees. Giftsenda has resources where users or companies can choose the right corporate gifting partner. There is also a subscription-based service. This service allows you to send gifts to employees and clients regularly. You can even use Giftsenda to get corporate gift ideas for clients.

4. Snack Magic

If you are looking for unique gift websites, then Snack Magic is the one. They curate and ship gift boxes. Snack Magic has pre-packed and customized gifting options. This website has more than 2,000 gift items. Moreover, you have the choice to customize the gift boxes with video messages, branded swag, stickers, etc. This website partners with businesses in different countries for smooth delivery.

5. Veritas

This is one of the top gifting websites in India that produces bespoke gifts. There are many options that this site offers, like leather accessories, jewellery, photo frames, etc. If you have a tight budget, Veritas has affordable corporate gift options without compromising on quality. They also make trophies, offer customized gifting options, etc. Veritas offers design services to make gift packages unique and highly impressive.

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6. Bestowe

Bestowe is one of the best websites for gifts. They closely deal with clients to offer the best corporate gifting options. The site offers personalized gifts online India. Also, Bestowe has partnered with various organizations to give back to the community. They have had many reputed clients in the past, like Google, Coinbase, etc. This website deals in large and small online gift boxes for every occasion, including Diwali. Bestowe also deals in gift boxes for holiday celebrations, large parties, Diwali, etc. The site sources items from artisans in Northern California. Every product or gift is sustainable and of high quality.

7. The British Hamper Company

This is one of the best websites for unique gifts. The British Hamper Company delivers gifts to different parts of the country. Their gift baskets can be customized in different sizes according to the budget. There is also an option to add a personal touch to the gifts. This site takes small and large orders. Moreover, you can

8. Knack

Knack is the best website for personalized gifts. This website is a woman-owned gift company. It has a wide collection of gift items and customized gifting options. There is an option to select the gifts packed in custom packaging. Companies can even add video messages with gifts to impress clients and employees. A personalized gift card can also be added to the gift package. Knack has last-minute gift services.

9. The British Gift Co.

This is a luxury gifting website. The British Gift Co. offers ready-made gift boxes. There is also an option to build your gift box with locally produced and sustainable gift items. The companies can even add luxury items to the boxes. You can even add your business logo to the gift boxes for a personalized touch.

10. is the best site to send gifts to India. They pack and send corporate gifts for every occasion, including Diwali. The website is accessible to all. also has corporate stores, warehousing, promotional merchandise, and CRM integrations. People can create a standard account on this site for free. Whereas, their enterprise account is for $1500.


Opting for the right website for Diwali gifts can make a huge difference. Humanitive offers the best Diwali gift ideas handmade, personalized, etc. The above-mentioned list has many other websites that provide a top-notch corporate gifting experience. Each of them has something unique to offer, which can lessen the burden of corporate gifting to your employees and clients. So, choose the right website for your corporate gifting needs.

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