Top 15 Trending Corporate Christmas Gifts for Employees and Clients

As Christmas is fast approaching, it’s time to plan out holidays, parties, and long vacations with friends and family. The festival is all about gifting your loved ones, indulging in festive decorations, singing Christmas carols, and gorging on the yummiest cakes and desserts. The festival of Christmas is now not just restricted to families and friends; it’s now being celebrated at many workplaces around the globe with employees and clients. It’s the perfect time to acknowledge the efforts of employees and show gratitude to clients for their association. Humanitive, one of the leading and best gift sites in India, understands the relevance of the festival in the workplace and brings an exquisite range of corporate Christmas gifts for employees and clients.

If you are running your own company or want to impress your clients for their association, then the best way is to get your hands on unique Christmas gifts to leave a long-lasting impression. We have compiled a list of the top corporate Christmas gift ideas for employees and clients to help you without creating a dent in your pocket.

Top Corporate Christmas Gifts for Employees and Clients

Corporate Christmas Gifts

1. NGO-made gifts

The best way to kickstart Christmas festivity is to opt for NGO-made Christmas gift baskets for employees to give back to society while gifting employees and clients. Humanitive offers a wide range of NGO-made gifts, such as specially designed gift boxes that include four NGO-made products. By gifting these special gifts, you can automatically give back to the underprivileged in society through Humanitive’s non-profit partners.

2. Photo Frame with Key Holder

Humanitive brings a special and memorable gift for Christmas to gift your employees or clients. The best part is that it is made by specially abled people at the Giftable Foundation. You can create an impact not only on your employees or clients but also on the lives of specially-abled communities.

3. Ready-To-Ship Boxes

To avoid the hassle of picking the right corporate Christmas gifts, Humanitive offers a wide range of ready-to-ship curated gift boxes in India that not only include amazing gifts but also donations to help the underprivileged and animals in society. You can find out about a versatile range of gift boxes online in India at its website.

4. A Self-Care Kit

One of the best corporate Christmas hampers for employees and clients is a self-care kit to help them take care of their bodies and skin during the winter. You can customize it on your own or buy it from any online store.

5. Books

Books always act as best friends. To help your clients and employees broaden their thought process and perspective, you can give them any fiction or non-fiction book to amplify their productivity, positivity, and thinking process. It is one of the best business Christmas gifts for clients.

6. A Chocolate Box

Who doesn’t love chocolates? During festivals like Christmas, chocolates act as a great gift to celebrate the festivity. You can give an amazing and mouth-watering chocolate gift box to your employees and clients to amplify their festivity.

7. Comfortable Designer Cushions

Comfortable and stylish cushions are not just restricted to bedrooms. Many people love to carry them to their workstation, or car, or while going out for a picnic to amplify their comfort. These cushions also reduce backaches and muscle-driven problems. You can find a versatile range of stylish yet comfortable cushions at many online décor stores to gift to your employees and clients.

8. Bonsai Tree

A bonsai tree is considered auspicious during Christmas. It represents health, good luck, and peace. Along with that, it also has a calming effect on the brain. Having it in any form is considered auspicious and healthy. To promote health, peace, and good luck among your employees, you can give them a bonsai tree on the eve of Christmas. It is one of the most sought-after corporate Christmas gifts for employees.

9. Personal Fitness or Health Equipment

To promote health and fitness among your employees, you can gift them portable and personal fitness equipment such as a resistance band, jump rope, yoga mat, etc. The best part of gifting the fitness equipment is that employees can focus on their fitness right from the comfort of their homes.

10. Movie Tickets

Everyone loves watching a newly released movie in a theater near them. It’s the best way to celebrate Christmas and become a part of the festivities. What could be better than gifting your employees or clients tickets to a recently released blockbuster? They can save their money and spare some time for much-needed entertainment.

11. A Coffee Mug

A cup of coffee has become a part of daily life for many. It is a highly sought-after office table accessory for employees to give them an instant kick to kill laziness. To kickstart their day on a good note, you can give them a coffee mug with either their picture on it or a positive quote. It is one of the most popular company Christmas gifts for employees.

12. Pen Holders

It’s a human tendency to lose a pen quite often. Every client, employee, or working professional often does it. To save them from doing so, gift them a nice pen holder so that they don’t need to borrow from their colleagues next time. It’s one of the most affordable corporate Christmas gift ideas for employees.

13. Aroma Candles

A nice fragrance can change the mood and uplift you in a second. Nowadays, aromatic candles have become a big rage among people. Due to increasing work-related stress, aroma candles offer a soothing effect. During Christmas, lighting up a house is mandatory. Hence, gift your clients or employees a set of soothing aromatic candles to amplify the charm and serenity in their homes.

14. Bluetooth Speakers

Who doesn’t love enjoying music through blasting and portable Bluetooth speakers? If you are an electronic or sound company, you can also do branding on it to promote your business. It adds to the list of perfect Christmas gifts for employees and clients to amplify the festive spirit. Just set your budget and pick the best ones for your corporate clients and employees.

15. Laptop Sleeves

Gone are the days when professionals were solely reliant on desktops. Nowadays, many officegoers bring their laptops to work. To let them protect their laptops from dust and other particles, gift them high-quality laptop sleeves. They can not only protect their daily machines but also carry them anywhere easily.

How Does Humanitive Help You Buy the Perfect Christmas Gift?

Corporate Christmas Gifts

Humanitive is one of the most sought-after and renowned online gifting companies to find out the best range of corporate gifts. When it comes to the festival of Christmas, the company leaves no stone unturned to offer the finest collection of gifts specially made by NGOs as well as skilled artisans. The best part of choosing Humanitive is that it’s associated with multiple NGOs to help the underprivileged, animals, and the specially-abled in society. Every purchase you make at the store goes back to the needy in society. The inspiring story of Humanitive, followed by client testimonials on the website, gives you more insight into the brand.

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