Top Corporate Gifting Websites For Impressive And Meaningful Diwali Gifts

Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India. Corporate companies also celebrate the festival with their employees and clients to bolster the association and spread happiness. Corporate gifting, therefore, plays a vital role in nurturing the bond and adding a personal touch. However, finding the best corporate gifts for Diwali is quite a cumbersome task. It’s not about giving gifts to your friends or family. It’s about professional bonds and values that you have created over some time. Keeping all that in mind, one has to gift something that not only adds value but also goes well with the corporate values and culture. To make it simpler and more seamless, many corporate gifts companies have come to the rescue that offer incredibly impressive corporate gifts as well as festival gifts that companies can opt for their employees, clients, and associates.

Since getting the best Diwali hampers for employees and clients can be a tiresome task, No wonder everybody loves to get gifts, especially on special occasions like Diwali. Business gifts are highly important, as they are the essence of appreciation when it comes to the hard work and dedication of employees and clients. However, with the help of corporate gifting websites and companies, the process is now simplified.

So, to make corporate gifting simpler this Diwali, here is a list of corporate gifting companies in India to consider making a difference while gifting employees, clients, and professional associates.

1. Humanitive

What if you could choose the right Diwali corporate gifts while being helpful? Humanitive is a top online corporate gifts website that can allow you to make your employees and clients happy this Diwali. They have meaningful and personalized Diwali gifts. Plus, Humanitive non-profit partners let you help the underprivileged in society. While going through Humanitive’s testimonials, you will learn about its authentic and top-notch gifting options.

There are many corporate gift websites online, but not all of them cater to everyone’s needs. Humanitive ensures that you get great Diwali gifting options along with some handmade stuff. The best thing about this site is that the beneficiaries go to Humanitive’s non-profit partners. So while you are purchasing for your employees and clients, you are also helping others. They have various customization options as well, and the transparency maintained is top-notch. This makes Humanitive one of the top corporate gifting companies in India.

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2. Gourmet Luxe

This is yet another one of the best online websites for corporate gifting that has a good amount of experience in brand consultation. All you need to do is tell them about your requirements to get customized and unique gifting options for your clients and employees. Right from sourcing, packaging, and delivery, the company does everything in the best manner to help you impress your professional associates.

3. Veritas

This is also one of the best corporate gifting companies in India, where you can find out about a bespoke collection of corporate gifts as per your requirements. It offers branded merchandise and customized gifts along with your business logo and messages. With unique gift packaging and a versatile range of Diwali corporate gifts, the brand is quite popular among corporate companies.

4. Bestowe

When it comes to corporate Diwali gifts, Bestowe is also a preferred choice among corporate companies. The company offers a wide array of gifts, including photo frames, keychains, leather accessories, etc. The best part is that it can also add up your handwritten notes right inside the gift boxes to make them extremely special for your employees, clients, and associates. The company also gives back to the community through its charity endeavours. Every time you purchase Bestowe, it plants a tree right through its partner, One Tree Planted. Its previous clients were Salesforce, Google, and Netflix. All the gifts are sourced from North Californian artisans.

5. Ferns And Petals

Ferns and Petals doesn’t need an introduction. It has taken the corporate gifting culture to the next level by offering unique gifting ideas, personalised recommendations right from the experts, and customization options. The best part is that the company ships to various nations along with every corporate gift basket. It offers various options, including indoor plants, seasonal fruits, personalized diaries, etc., without creating a dent in your pocket.


6. Gift My Client

Corporate gifting has been made easier by Gift My Client. It is a hi-tech gifting company that helps you automate corporate gifting and set the number of gifts as per your company’s policy. One can also easily track the gift history, create a budget per client, personalize every gift with a personalized note, and choose from various gift options.

7. The Mansion House of Gifting

As the name suggests, it offers a mansion of gifts for clients on Diwali. You can impress your clients, associates, and employees with unique Diwali and corporate gifts offered by the company. You can also create a customized gift box to meet your requirements for every client or employee. If someone wants to add a logo, then the company also offers the option. In fact, it offers a free consultation call to help you nail the art of corporate gifting.

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8. Sage & Gifts

If you are searching for the best gift ideas for business partners to leave a lasting impression on your important clients, associates, and employees, then Sage & Gifts is here to help you. It offers a bespoke collection of curated and hand-picked gifts in equally enticing gift boxes on various themes. Be it any occasion or festival, the company ensures to offer an exclusive and enticing range of corporate gifts, along with customization and personalization options.

9. Marigold And Grey

It is yet another impressive corporate gifting company that is committed to offering the best Diwali gift ideas handmade. To make your corporate gifting simply exclusive and enticing, the company offers a versatile range of gifts along with gifting packages.  One can also choose from the ready-to-ship gifts without worrying about a minimum order. Along with that, it offers semi-custom gifts where one can also add a logo and a custom gift design. Pick any theme of your choice to witness a wide range of gifts to impress clients and appreciate employees.

10. Teak And Twine

Last but not least, we have on the list Teak and Twine. It is the top corporate gifts provider in India and helps several corporate companies send an impressive range of gifts to everyone. The team helps guide you in picking the best gifts online in India for your clients and employees. The gift boxes are also designed to keep corporate culture in mind. One can also customize the boxes with personalized notes and branding. Moreover, one can also add a personal message along with the logo of their company while sending gift boxes to clients and employees.

Final Thoughts

No festival or celebration is complete without corporate gifting. It has become an essential aspect of corporate culture in today’s world. However, we should always try to think about the happiness of the underprivileged in society while celebrating or gifting anyone in the professional world. Humanitive is the only best corporate gifting company in India that gives you a chance to become a part of the charity and help the underprivileged by buying a variety of Diwali and other corporate gifting boxes online. Along with that, you can also check out the list of other corporate gifting companies in India to design the best corporate gifting boxes.

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