How to Buy Unique Gifts Online in India?

Because of the pandemic, it has become a task to find unique gifts for our loved ones. Therefore, at Humanitive we have gifts for all occasions and people. It is a platform that provides user extreme flexibility wherein they can either design his/her own gift box for their loved one or can simply choose from a range of pre-curated gift boxes in India

You no longer have to visit physical outlets, since we let you find the unique gift for your beloved at the ease of your home.

We offer a range of premium goodies from our gift shop. Along with goodies, we have a range of well-thought-out donation programs for you. You can now find unique gifts online. The gift box will comprise all the goodies you choose from our gift shop, along with a donation under your loved one’s name. The process of donation is unique and transparent. Once the donation is received by Humanitive, we transfer it directly to the concerned NGO. The NGO takes the actions and sends a ‘Thank You’ video, acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of the donor. It’s time to gift the most meaningful and unique gifts to your loved ones. Let’s make their special day memorable and a day that they will cherish all along.

It’s time you gift your beloved the unique gifts without worrying about going out in such a situation.


Unique Gift Ideas for Men

It’s a task to impress your beloved with gifts on their special day. To make your loved one’s feel special, one always has to make sure they gift them something unique to make their day memorable. A day that their loved one could look back on with a smile. But often, people fail in finding a gift that truly resonates with an individual’s personality.

Not anymore.

Humanitive is an online platform that lets you curate the most meaningful and unique gifts in India for your loved one. What makes the gifts unique is that, along with premium goodies from our gift shop, you can now add a donation on behalf of your loved one. There are various donation programs that one can choose from and select the one that truly resonates with him.

There is a range of goodies in our gift shop which cater to the needs of gentlemen. From designer ties and pocket squares to exclusive bracelets that one may resonate with, you have ample products to choose from.

Humanitive now provides you with a platform that lets you curate the unique gift boxes, which include exclusive goodies from our gift shop and a donation on behalf of your beloved.

Unique Gift Ideas for Women

It’s a task to impress your female friend or your beloved with gifts on their special day. Deciding the perfect gift for the women in your life comes with a lot of stress. Whether you want to say ‘Thank You’ to your mother, acknowledging your feminist friend or just want to express your love to your female better half, Humanitive has got you sorted.
An online platform that offers flexibility to the user who wants to gift something unique to the women in their life. Humanitive offers you a platform wherein you can either design your own box or can choose from a range of pre-curated ready to ship boxes. The gift boxes you curate are filled with meaning and uniqueness.

You can now create a gift box full of premium goodies from our gift shop and then include a donation on behalf of your loved one. There is a range of well-thought-out donation programs that you can choose from and contribute to the cause that resonates with your personality the most.

The gift box is a combination of both – thoughtful and unique.

Thus, you no longer have to worry about finding the unique gift for all the females in your life.


How to order unique gifts online?

Just visit Humanitive and curate the most meaningful gifts for your loved ones.

At Humanitive, we believe in the utmost transparency. Therefore, the moment we receive the donation, it is transferred to our partner Non-Profit. They then create a ‘Thank You’ video appreciating the kind efforts of the donor. We charge 0 commission from either party involved.

We have partnered with 9 Non-Profit organizations which serve the needy in society. There is a range of donation programs that we have created in collaboration with the 9 Non-profits. You can now choose the donation program that truly resonates with you and the personality of your loved one.

Humanitive also lets you engage in last-minute shopping as it offers a variety of pre-curated gift boxes for all occasions. With our ready-to-ship boxes, you can now order the most meaningful, unique and personalized gift for your lover.

Unique gifts for men in India

Tie & pocket squares to bracelets with unique meaning attached to each one of them specifically. We have something for every gentleman out there. Curate the most meaningful gift for all the special men in your life with us. From gifting them their favorite gift products to donating on their behalf to the cause that truly resonates with them. Considering the variety of gifting options for men, our new product line includes gifts like cufflinks that will make your loved one stand out. We have the unique gifting options for all the special men in your life. Design the perfect gift box in India that not only surprises them with luxury gifts but also leaves a lasting impact on their behalf. We are here to offer unique gifts for men in India.

Buy unique gifts online India

Humanitive is unique in its own way. Our gifts not only treat your loved ones but also contribute to the underprivileged in society. One gift has two recipients. With over 50 products in our gift shop, we offer unique gifting options for your loved ones. Our partnership with 9 NGOs makes us unique and impactful gifting platform. We have 90+ donation programs with all our partner non-profits. You can now select your box, fill it with gifts that are perfect for your loved one & include a donation on their behalf. Leave a lasting impact on behalf of your loved one and make them feel special on their special day. Every gift box allows you to celebrate with the underprivileged. Shop unique gifts in India and make ethical gifting the new cool.

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