Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is a day that is celebrated to appreciate motherhood. It is observed internationally to recognize the efforts of a mother or mother figure. It is celebrated to appreciate our mothers for all the efforts they’ve put in to raise us all our life. They’re the ones that have been there for us since day one. Not only is this day associated with our direct mothers, but is also a day that is celebrated to appreciate our mother figures or our grandmothers, etc.

There are various ways that one can use in order to make their mother feel special. Gifts & cards are some things that can help you pamper them on their day. Here are a few unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that one can use to make their mothers feel extra special & celebrate motherhood.

1. Gift her a flower bouquet: On the occasion of Mother’s Day, wake her up to a fresh bouquet of flowers. Brighten up her day with the punch of colours from the fresh flowers.

2. Make her breakfast: Every morning it’s usually our mothers waking us up to a lavish breakfast, it’s time to wake your mother to a delicious one either cooked by you or just your cook. Plate it for them & make their day extra special.

3. Gift them a DIY gift: Do it yourself or make her a gift that shows your affection & love. As simple as a card, pamper your mother with something that you made for them. Prepare something all by yourself. You can even bake your mother’s favourite cake or her all-time favourite cookies for her.

4. Take her out for a shopping spree: Pamper your mother with a shopping session. Take her out & buy her whatever she likes to get. Buy her whatever she wants.

5. Gift her the most meaningful gift: Gift her the most meaningful & impactful gift from Humanitive. Humanitive is a unique gifting platform that allows you to gift the most thoughtful gift box which includes premium gifts from our gift shop & a donation made on behalf of the recipient.

Where to buy meaningful mother’s day gifts in India?

In 3 easy steps you can now make the most meaningful gifts for your mother with us:

Step 1: Choose one out of our 4 luxe gift boxes

Step 2: Choose premium gifts from our gift shop

Step 3: Contribute to a cause on behalf of your loved one

Humanitive ensures that you get to give your loved one a gift that she will remember throughout. It is a platform that lets you curate the most meaningful yet customized gifts for special occasions like anniversaries. You can either design your own gift box or can choose from our exclusive range of pre-curated ready-to-ship gift boxes.

Along with premium goodies from the gift shop, these boxes also include a donation kit. For any donation you make, we add a donation kit to the gift box. The donation kit holds the information regarding the donation that you make on behalf of your loved one. It consists of an acknowledgement from the Non-Profit, Certificate of Appreciation, Personalised Thank You Video, Brochure from the concerned NGO. These donation kits are our way of ensuring 100% transparency.

What is the most exciting part is the Thank You video that comes inside each gift box. The Thank You video is proof that the donation has reached the concerning cause. It is created and sent by the NGO thanking the efforts of the donors.

With the design your own gift box, you can now curate your own box & includes a donation that truly resonates with your loved one. Choose Humanitive for the most meaningful gifts for your mother on mother’s day & gift her something that she will cherish all along.

How to buy online gifts for your mother?

Humanitive provides a flexible platform for the user to navigate & select the most meaningful gift for their mother. The 3 easy steps lead to the most perfect & meaningful gift for your mother for mother’s day.

Along with the option where you can design your own box, you can now choose from a range of our pre-curated ready-to-ship boxes that are specially curated for Mother’s Day.

Our Mother’s Day Mini, will sponsor plantation of 2 Saplings for Rs. 200 on behalf of your mother, and gift her 2 beautiful gifts in our keepsake Mini Box.

Mother’s Day Classic will sponsor a Dignity Kit to a homeless woman for Rs. 300 on behalf of your mother, and gift her 3 beautiful gifts in our keepsake Classic Box.

L’Amour Box sponsors a destitute elderly woman for a week for Rs. 1750/- on behalf of your mother, and gift her 3 beautiful gifts in our keepsake L’Amour Box.

And, our Mother’s Day Grand Box will let you feed 30 Cows for a full day for Rs. 2,000/- on behalf of your mother, and gift her 6 beautiful gifts in our keepsake Grand Box.

Go shop Humanitive now for the most meaningful gifts!

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