Valentine’s Gift

14th of February marks the very special occasion of Valentine’s Day. It is a day used to celebrate and commemorate the love and affection between two individuals.  

It is a day that holds quite a significance in the lives of the people who extensively celebrate love. On this day, people exchange gifts, spend time with their loved ones & try to make their other half feel special. There are people who wait all along the year to express their feelings to their loved ones. 

This occasion marks affection, care, pampering and so much more. However, gifts make the most essential part of this day. They are considered to be the best way to express your love and care towards your partner. Considering the extensive demand and the urge to find the perfect gift for your loved one, we present to you the most meaningful & unique gifting range for your loved ones. 

At Humanitive, you can either design your own gift box or can select from our range of meaningful pre-curated Valentine’s Day ready-to-ship gift boxes.  

Valentine’s Gifts

You can design your loved ones Valentine’s gift by visiting the design your own section on our website.

It works in 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Select your own gift box 
In this step one selects the size and colour of the box he/she is looking for.

Step 2: Choose your gifts
Henceforth, you can choose from over 80 gifts from our gift shop and fill your box with the most premium gifting options for your loved ones. Select gifts that speak their personality because we have something for everyone.

Step 3: Select a donation program
We have partnered up with 9 non-profits that are catering to different causes in society. With these non-profits, we have over 90 meaningful donation programs that you can choose from. Select the cause that resonates with your loved ones the most and make a 100% authentic donation on their behalf.

With such easy steps in place, design your loved ones meaningful valentine’s gift box today!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are shopping last minute, and are looking for the most meaningful gifts for your loved ones, we have got you sorted!

Our pre-curated ready-to-ship gift boxes cater to everyone. Be it your girlfriend or boyfriend, with multiple options for you, choose the right gift!

Here are the Valentine’s Gift for her:

Valentine’s Mini for her

Our specially curated gift box makes for the perfect gift.
Our Valentine’s Mini for her is a mini box that includes two premium gifts and a meaningful donation on behalf of the recipient. You get to sponsor a plantation of 1 tree on behalf of your loved one via Green Life Initiative Foundation.

Valentine’s L’Amour for her

Our L’Amour Gift Box is truly dreamy.

Valentine’s Special L’Amour Gift Box holds three premium gifts from our gift shop along with a donation on behalf of the recipient. With our Valentine’s Special L’Amour Box, you can sponsor 1 pair of socks to 15 underprivileged children of Harmony House.

Here are the Valentine’s Gifts for him:

Valentine’s Petit for Him

Our Valentine’s Special Petit for him holds one premium gift for your loved one along with a donation to sponsor meals for 2 homeless for a day from SPYM Homeless Shelter.

Valentine’s Classic for Him

The Classic gift box is a classic way of saying I Love You to your loved one. It includes three premium products from our gift shop along with a donation to sponsor stationary for an autistic/intellectually challenged child on behalf of your loved one from Ek Koshish Special School.

Find the best valentine’s gift ideas for your loved ones today!


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